We provide a range  of services for Commercial Customers from the Daily Cleaning of Offices to specialist areas of cleaning, such as: High Level and Underfloor Cleaning, Commercial Carpet Cleaning, Commercial Kirchen Cleaning, Ventilation and Duct Cleaning, Degreasing Factory and Garage Floors. All this and many more. We offer a full Property Maintenance Service.


OUR SERVICE: Restaurants, Pubs, Cafes, Care Homes, Nursing Homes, Schools and all forms of Catering Establishments that have Commercial Kitchens must maintain them in excellent hygeinic order. This means having them deep cleaned periodically. NP Services provides this service to our customers at the times which suit them.

What this means, is that the restaurant does not have to close down for any length of time at all. It may mean cleaning the kitchen through the night, which we are quite able to do.

However, deep cleaning of this nature is not cheap but the actual cost depends upon the size of the kitchen and the degree to which it has been allowed to become "greasy" or dirty to accumulate.

Normally, the deep cleaning of commercial kitchens requires us to clean the walls, windows, sills and floors, but, if required, all the appliances and fittings can be included in full or part.

Jobs of this nature will always require an on-site visit to give an accurate quote.

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