NP Services has a rich history with regard to the diversity of jobs that we had the past 10 years, as a multi-functioning company we did not only focused us on maintenance but also provided our clientele all kind of services such as guest ladies and gentlemen, catering staff, promotion teams, toilet ladies and gentlemen and at a number of large companies we took the concierge tasks upon us

We got the opportunity and the confidence of a multinational KUMHO TYRES UK to provide them with a number of services, to meet their needs we had to traveled to Germany, England, Belgium and France we provided the hostesses, promotion teams, toilet lady’s and we did the maintenance of the VIP lounges.  

The crisis that the Netherlands and the rest of Europe saw made our orders rapidly go backwards, but we noticed that applications for qualified cleaning staff only increased, to not become a victim of the crisis we decided to focus us on the cleaning projects, These day’s we’re specialize in kitchen hygiene, this rises a whole other kind of discipline in contrast to dusting and vacuuming, We stand behind our product end clients, and are always open to change if the circumstances require it.

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